A bit about you 

Whether you need a place to share with your mates, a place of your own, or just somewhere cheaper so you can save for that deposit, you might just be a bit Gentoo.

Let’s get some details so we can make that a reality:

Don’t worry. We’ll only use these details to contact you with email and other marketing about getting a new home from Gentoo. Nobody else gets the information, and we won’t use it for anything else.

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What is Gentoo?

Gentoo provide housing that works for people who need it. 

We’re fair, flexible and don’t do pricey extras like deposits or admin fees. We view our properties as your home, not our asset.

So, what do you reckon? Are you Gentoo?

Complete flexibility

Unlike a lot of private landlords, we don’t tie you into a lengthy contract. While we’d love for you to stay a while, your contract can be as long or short as you need. We don’t require a lengthy notice period, either.

Where you need to be

You’ll always have access to local transport links in a Gentoo home. Whether you need a convenient commute or just an easy way to get out with your mates, you’ve got transport and amenities right on your doorstep.

Your space, your rules

Unlike most private landlords, we think of your space as your home, not our asset. That means we’re happy for you to decorate to your taste, making it feel more like your own home.

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